CPC – Cost Per Click advertise network rate calculation

CPC – Cost Per Click is also known as PPC. PPC means Pay Per Click. IT is an online advertising method where advertisers (ads provider) will pay the ads publisher (typically a website owner) if the ad is clicked.

CPC are other form of CPV. Its means Cost per Visitor.  CPV is calculating for each click on ads is paid for anyway of whether the visitor makes it to the destination site. A usual rate is 5 cents for 1 per click.

What Is CPA Or Cost Per Action- Calculation Of CPA

One of the online advertising methods is called “cost per action” (CPA), PPF – Pay Per Performance or also known as Cost Per Acquisition. It is a common advertise calculating method for affiliate marketing sector.

 In this method (CPA) the advertiser (ads provider) only for pays the publisher (typically a website owner) when the visitors do something – such as, complete a buy, install a software, such as a filling out a form (e.g registration sign-up) or like a product, vote a product etc.

What is CPM or Cost Per Mile – Calculation of CPM

CPM – Cost Per Mille, that means cost of per 1,000 impressions. It also called as CPT – Cost Per Thousand Impressions. It is calculate online advertising ad model when cost is calculated by impression. If a web publisher charges $4 CPM, that means an advertiser (ads provider) must pay $4 for every 1,000 impressions of his ads.

Advertisers (ads provider) pay the publisher if the ads is shown. CPT means per thousand impressions or Cost Per Mille, or advertisement appears thousand times on a website. For other example, a $10 CPM means the advertiser paid $10 per every 1,000 times his ads appears on a website.

Review of Kontera 2013 -Advertising Program

Kontera specializes ad network which provides an inline or In-Text ads. They have established their online advertising network before Adbrite and Infolinks. Kontera changes their feature design in may 2011 for giving publisher maximum value and revenue. Every day they serve more than20, 000 quality publisher.
Kontera works same as AdBrite and Infolinks In-Text ads. It’s related to visitor search keyword. They say that in new feature they use a semantic engine to assess and understand user interest. Once they assess on publisher websites the user interest, and shortly will they see these visitors away on the web they show them related ads and share the revenues through the publisher where the visitor initially expressed interest. If the visitor keywords are related to the user search terms then Konter mark it by underline as a result the user chances of clicking on your ad (CTR) is more.

Kontera Review
Website URL:
Network Type:
  • CPC
  •  PPC
  • CPM
Ad types:
  • Text and Image
  • Rich Media
  •  Video
  •  Expandable
  • Customizable Units
Payment Methods:
  • Check
  • Paypal
  • Bank Wire
  • EFT
Minimum Payment Threshold:
Payment frequency:
NET 30
Conflict with other ads network and/or exclusivity:
Requirements / Restrictions:
  • No Adult
  • Incentive traffic allowed

Epom Market Ad Network Review 2013

Epom Market is a global ad-network. It is for only high quality Publishers with direct Advertisers in more than15 special verticals in 40 special countries.
Epom ensures the maximum eCPM rates along with punctually payments. Opium is a cross-advertising platform it works with display, mobile (web & apps) base visitor. The Epom ad-network offers publisher for a variety of ad types and provide their immediate statistics.
The Epom ad network offers various ads sizes/formats and it also has a rich media gallery.

CPX Interactive Online Advertising Networks Review –2013

CPX Interactive is one of the most powerfull CPM online ads networks. CPX Interactive active  more than 60 countries and make 30 billion impressions every month.

Publishers must need for apply into the CPX Interactive contextual advertising network, at least of 30,0000 visitors (must unique) each month.

If you get approval, CPX will be offering their publishers traffic analysis tools and actual time reporting. CPX Interactive offer a extensive diversity of ads including pop-under, pop-up, skyscraper, video pop-ups and leaderboard.

Clicksor Online Advertising Networks –Review 2013

One of the typically contextual ad networks is Clicksor that is from the company Yesup. One of the best Canada-based ads network is Clicksor that is listening carefully on average-sized publishers with 50% traffic from the UK, US and Canada. It offers some attractive twists along the way. Clicksor Contextual advertisers come again the ads based upon the consequence it gets from the keywords or Meta tags from targeting webpage.

How to add Pop-under Ads, Clicksor Banners and In-Text Ads to your  site?

It is very easy just used Clicksor own widgets or plugins for your several platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla